Monday, January 20, 2014


A reader sent me this link.

I am so grieved.  I do not even know how to process this.

 CHURCH....let it not be so of us!



Praying for this dear hurting couple (The Barnes)  and their hurting daughter (Anna.)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

be a family

I received a comment from someone who is wounded by this post. 

Dear Anonymous,

I am so sorry for wounding you.  Biblically speaking...adoption is a supernatural occurrence.  As believers, our adoptions into Christ's family are supernatural.  

I will go further here than I originally did and say...all believers...those raising biological children and those raising adopted children are in need of supernatural aid in helping them steward the lives the Lord has entrusted into their care. 

Adoption is a beautiful thing.  The love of the Lord is on display & even magnified through adoption. 



Another re-homing article in the news. 

Desperate people do desperate things.

So many many complexities.

We know that believers are called to handle things differently than the world does.

We have wisdom that the world does not possess & we have resources that the world does not have.  Our well never runs dry. 

What does this mean for believing adoptive families?

What needs to be done?????...cuz something needs to be done...cuz lots of kids and parents are struggling & suffering. 

I've been processing.... with a Christian counselor...all of the above.  The church MUST rise up not only in adopting...but in supporting adoptive families pre-during-and post adoptions.  If we are to operate as a family...then we are to do just that.   Be a family.  Sharing and carrying one anothers' burdens.  Not just the joys.  Not just the homecomings at the airport...but the burdens.   And not just the pre-adoption fund raising burdens...the post adoptive ones too.    

We are all called to orphan care.

We are not all called to adopt.

DO NOT ADOPT unless the Lord is calling you to do so.  

Adoption is supernatural.  I am absolutely convinced.  And that means we cannot manage it in our own strength. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post Partum Depression

This article.

Not all kids who struggle with attachment issues come home through adoption. 

I was recently contacted by a woman...a wife and a mother who has been working with a counselor for years in regards to her own attachment issues.  She grew up in a Christian home.  Two parents.  Dad was a very successful businessman...a workaholic.  Mom was dealing with a traumatic history of her own and was not always emotionally available.  This woman struggled attaching to her own parents and then struggled with attaching to her husband and her own children.  

She has found a road to healing.   In Christ. 

It reminds me of this post about Post Adoption Depression.  


Beyond Hard

This blog post.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Science of Neglect

Every adoptive parent/sibling of an adoptive child who is struggling to attach that I know has started out well.

Few of us stumble gracefully.

I am guilty of offering flatline responses.  They've come when I am beaten down...low on hope... and war weary.

So thankful that the Lord is bigger...and that He intervenes and steps into our failures.  Forgiving our sin.