Tuesday, March 18, 2014

fatherless no more

When we are confused and our thoughts are murky...wait. wisdom ask for discernment and wait.  Wait for the revelation of what the Lord has been moving us to all along.

Amongst all our noise...we could not hear HIM.  With a diverted focus we could not see Him.  In our emotion...He seemed far away.  In our hysteria...He appeared silent.

When He seemed close... we went forth with a sense of peace.  But what we actually heard was what we wanted to hear.  It wasn't HIM speaking at all. 

Here it is.  What He brought forth to my heart.

It came to me in this exact order.

Last night...while driving the streets near our cities skid row...they are not fatherless.  Our adopted children are not fatherless any longer.  Thank YOU, Lord that they have been given fathers. 

Later... just because we sometimes feel as if the children given to us are not gifts...they are.  Lord, YOU tell us they are.  They are gifts.  And feeling anything otherwise is us buying into a lie.  The enemy of our souls is the father of lies.  And, he is the enemy of our childrens' souls.  YOU tell us this.

Before prayer... Lord...please bring more to the surface of my mind.  Please help me to see clearly what You want me to see.  

While drifting off...we are to renew our minds.  YOU have instructed us to do so.   That means our minds are a battlefield.  Wars are waged on battlefields. 

Pre-dawn... our emotions do not need to proceed obedience.   We are to obey.  Like YOU  have told us to do.

And the early morning...we are to take courage!  Believers, I AM is ours forever and we are HIS. 

On earth...our children are HIS to do with as HE sees fit.   They are gifts given to us.  And we are stewards of their lives FOREVER.  This we know because he tells us so.   

No returns.  No exchanges.  No re-gifting.  

Let us renew our minds...and in doing so...we will be transformed.  HE tells us so. 

And it's not just about Fathers.  Every member of our family has been challenged in this area.  Extended family too.  And some in our spiritual family.  

Confronted by the Lord...with what HE has to say  about it. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Number 5

this article

Monday, March 10, 2014


This film.

I am heartsick. And I cannot stop crying. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ugliest Thing

"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is the ugliest thing in the world." 

Francis Schaeffer