Friday, January 29, 2010

Girlie has gotten very good at identifying her feelings. It's taken a long time. She's had much practice.

Me: Yes, and so is true. You did do that. But I do not believe it is because of such and such like you are saying it is.

Multiply this scenario by 100 million times.... plus more....then some more. This is some of what life over the last 10 years has been like.

We are currently in a good place.

Girlie: I did such and such because.....

This is when she is met w/my "don't even try to go there w/ your lame nonsense excuses..."all knowing/baloney detector" lOOk.....

Girlie: (loooooooooong pause)..............

....after a few minutes in a quite place to ponder..........

Girlie: I was feeling like I was going to blow it...(chuckling at herself)... so I blew it...(then realizing)...yeah ummm....that didn't go so well.


Girlie: I was worried because I knew you were going to read my essay and I didn't want to do a re-write which I knew you would make me do...(then realizing)....which of course I had to do so why not just do it w/out the drama?


Girlie: I had a lot to do and I was scared I wouldn't finish...(chuckling at herself)...which is what happened because I dragged it out and caused drama....which obviously didn't work for me at all.


Girlie: I know they think I'm the center of attention all the time (chuckling at herself) I acted like the center of attention...(then)...aaaaaaaand...obviously that didn't go so well and I proved them right.

Again, slow and steady.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love in Central Park

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hell on Earth


Things are better. Downward spiral lasted 7 hours.

Better than 7 days :)

That was our day today. Hell on Earth.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Children Underground

Depending on where your kid/s have come from...or are at...this may be a good film to watch as a family. It opened the door for lots of conversation over here.

"It's sad. It's not fun to see. It's not enjoyable. It's a horrible state. I feel bad for those kids. I would hate to be like that. I'm glad I live with you guys. I feel really thankful to have you guys. I wish that could happen to them. I'm praising the Lord that I have you guys. I'm glad that I have protection and discipline...because that shapes you, you know?" Girlie 1

"I can't explain it in words. If I talk, I'll cry." Girlie 2

The Lord appears to have used this film in softening/opening hearts.

It's raw. It's harsh. It's authentic.

Real Tears

Last nite we watched My Sister's Keeper. Not my favorite film...for a few reasons...mostly worldview stuff...but that's a whole different story.

The reason My Sister's Keeper will remain in my memory is what I want to talk about here.

I'm a crier. My husband is a crier. We have no problem showing our emotions.
There we were in the three daughters and a family friend...all crying at the end of the film.

ALL crying. Tears flowing.

Even GIRLIE!!!!!!!

That was a first. She has never ever cried while watching a film before. What she used to do was sit staring at us blankly as if we were crazy people for crying.

What she did last night was shed appropriate tears while coming to me for comfort. She wanted hugs while agreeing with me that "the story was sooooooooooooooooo sad."


Baking Love

my daughter did this accidentally with her tongue. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ask the Lord

Through all the ups and downs. Through all the turmoil and heartache...through every single monstrous moment of hell on earth where rejection & loneliness tempt to reign....there has been a deep connection. A connection on my end...that keeps me closely tied to the one who seems to reject me. I remember telling a girlfriend once..."I love all of my kids. All of them. But, this one....there is a special place in my heart for this one."

If you do not have a special spot...ask the Lord to give you one. He is able. He is faithful to provide.

Here's the hard question:

Are we hardening our own hearts towards this child?

Repost / The Long Haul

I felt led to repost

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Attachment Website


For me...the discovery of this site was exactly what I needed at the time. Learning about the subtypes was eye opening and helpful...especially when dealing with individuals who don't necessarily fit into what the world "thinks" RAD looks like.

They've made some changes over their website...going deeper with explanations etc.

Thumbs up.


This website has come up several times on various blogs and sites recently. I think it is very practical and concise. It was encouraging, too, because some of the concepts or tips were new and some were things we've done because the Lord revealed those things in the moment. (e.g. we very clearly talking about family behavior vs. orphanage behavior). Still picking through it and thought if you haven't seen it yet, you would like it.

Attachment Disorder Maryland

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year's my wisdom 10 years in:

Slow and steady wins the race....put one foot in front of the other...never EVER give up...husbands & girlfriends are necessary...two steps forward one step is a new day...fear not...repent...forgive.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buckle Up

Merry-go-round...roller coaster...whatever.

Let's buckle our seat belts and enjoy the ride...cause we're on it.