Monday, November 30, 2015

Actually LOVE

This article.

And Christian parents/families dealing with attachment issues get into a rut...a bad rut.  A space where the reality of the difficulties before us overtakes the Lord's instructions to speak the truth in love.  To  actually love.

Unglodly habits are formed and hard to break.  And they are easy to justify. 

The bottom line...sometimes what others see as unloving...actually is loving. 

And actually isn't.  

Monday, November 9, 2015


Forgiven people are forgiving people.

Matthew 6:14-15
Acts 3:19
Daniel 9:9

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Play the Man


Going a step further....

Those inside the church who adopt have a responsibility to live humbly, transparently, and authentically within their communities.   JUST like every other member of Christ centered-communities.

People are watching.

They want to know how this supernatural thing known as adoption plays out in reality.  On a day to day basis.  Long term.

JUST like younger couples want to know how the heCk they are supposed to make it to their Silver or GOLD! Wedding Anniversaries without running out on or killing their spouses.

Or JUST like young parents want to know how to make it through difficult stages of parenting without pulling out their hair while losing their WHAT WERE WE THINKING????!?!??!?  minds.  

It is not okay to adopt...send out Christmas cards with smiling faces once a year and that's it.  

Sorry, adoptive parents.  If you have a problem with might have some unresolved issues that need to be worked through.  

Share the joys.  Share the pain.  Share the challenges...the struggles...the failures.  Share the victories.  Share the fears.  Share the unexpected discoveries.  All for the glory of the Lord.

People are watching.

And you have information that they NEED to know.  Your siblings need to know.

(I'm sure you can find a way to share info in an honoring way.) 

You might not want the platform...but you've got it.

Play the man.