Monday, September 29, 2014

Change Us

Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Things

10 Things to Help Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child

Many families who are struggling with attachment for any significant length of time...will feel like rolling their eyes at this article.

It all sounds good and like it should work.

And in and of themselves...and even when combined...numbers 1-10 are all decent ideas.

We just know ...really hard it can be.  

Like I've said so many times before....try things.  

Don't give up.

What comes naturally for some...doesn't come naturally for others. MUST come supernaturally.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How I Gave Up Being A Perfect Mom

I arrived at a lovely well-kept home ready to capture the early days of a new family with my camera. 

I left a bit worried. 

We have mutual friends and I thought about saying something...but never did.  I could see that there was a community of support around this couple at this time and I trusted that the Lord would bring whatever needed to be brought to the surface to the surface. 

I was concerned about attachment.  

I thought about them often.  And I prayed. 

The Lord is so good.  So faithful.  So intimately involved with the goings on of our lives.  With the overall arch of our stories and the page by page...paragraph by paragraph details. 

This article...How I Gave Up Being A Perfect Mom. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Break the Cycle

This is so raw & authentic.

It hurts.

Root it out.

Pain before healing.

Love, Dawn 

Helpful Memes

Friday, September 19, 2014

Soothe That Child

If a baby is crying...I attempt to soothe the baby.  It's the way I am wired.

Sorry...but...who wouldn't?

This article.

And if a child is older and struggling...& stressed...continue to make attempts to soothe.  Make efforts. Offer. 

Give hugs.  Give kisses.  Tickle backs.  Pat them to sleep.  

Pop your head in their room and remind them they are loved.

Leave them a love note. 

Ezzo re-post

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Are you apathetic?

Are you the parent of a child who is apathetic?

I think we have all dwelled in seasons of apathy.  We've all experienced it.  Everyone can relate.

The enemy of our souls would have us stay put...and remain in a state of apathy.

The Lord...the Lover of our souls...would have otherwise.

If He is at work in us...He will move us from our state of apathy.  

How God Cares For Those Who Don't

Coffee Pot Lessons re-post.

The Holy Spirit

When the Lord said He would send a Helper...He meant it.  I can honestly say that the times I have failed as a parent...are the very same times I have not been submitted to the Spirit.  And as a wife.  And as a sibling.  And as a friend.  And so on and so on. 

Believers...any time we walk in's because we are not submitting to the Lord.  We know this.  

We all think our circumstances go above and beyond what others have or are experiencing.  We can tell you why our marriage is harder.  Why our divorce is okay.  Why our temper is warranted.  Why our harsh tones are justified.  Why our resentment is appropriate.  Why our disengagement is perfectly fine.  Why our wall building is necessary.  Why our loss is greater.  Why our circumstances differ.  Why our choices are beyond what ordinary choices call for.  Why our vices are different.  Why our OUR STRUGGLING KID is different than other struggling kids.

Why our responses are okay. 

I get it.

Boy, do I get it.  

"I may not wear rough garments or take vows and orders as an attempt to destroy sin, but I may still look to myself and my homespun remedies rather than to God and his remedies."

 You Need The Power of The Holy Spirit

God's Sufficient Spirit

"Evangelicalism has been infiltrated by a worldly anthropology-psychology-theology that is diametrically opposed to the biblical doctrines of sin and sanctification. As a result of this accommodation, the church has compromised and hopelessly muddled the message it is to proclaim."

Heart Change re-post.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Guest Blogger / Galilee on EDUCATION

Educating at home is what we do over here.  It is how we are led to educate our kids and ourselves.

Traditionally...we have been a co-op family...meaning...we have surrounded ourselves with like-minded friends who are on a home-educating journey and have joined forces in teaching our kids and their kids...alongside them...sharing in responsibilities...sharing talents /bents/ strengths etc....usually one day/week.  It has worked well for us.  Our kids have been exposed to different teaching styles and have had a level of accountability that they would have missed otherwise.

I love home-education.

I love co-ops.

Some kids who have attachment struggles....struggle with their educators.  The ones who make and keep the rules.  The ones who give the assignments.  The ones who mark up their papers in red pen. parents we know our kids best...and we know how what they are capable of...and how much effort they are actually putting into an assignment verses what they say they are putting into an assignment.

It is for this reason...that in our co-oping situations...ultimately...the parents have the authority to add to any assignment...take things away from any assignment...and give the final grade in any given subject area.  

It's hard to hide at home.

Slow & Steady re-post.

It's All About Relationship re-post.

Done w/Discipline re-post.

Guest Blogger / Galilee on Education

Recently, I've come to the conclusion that my heart's not been in the right place.  I call my stubborn heart, Sin.  What I've been so stubborn about is my education and I've wasted so much time ignoring it....knowing that work needed to be done...I chose not to do it.  Thinking stubbornly that I didn't need it and that it should just come to me.  I haven't wanted to put the work into my education because I know that takes effort and I didn't want to give it my all.  I have been lazy and dishonoring about my education.

I've decided to get on my feet and walk away from my self pity.  

I'm getting to ..."doing."

I need to check myself.  To make sure my heart is in a good place.

I am going to take my work seriously.  I am going to learn.

I have taken my education for granted and I am not going to do that anymore.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

John 14:18

Believer, ever feel alone in your battle against attachment struggles?    Misunderstood by family?  Abandoned by friends?  Even a "Biblical" counselor?  Even a pastor? 

You are not alone.

Turn to HIM. Turn away from the things of the world and turn to Jesus. 

Unbelievers...the same goes for you.

Insufficient Help Part 1

Insufficient Help Part 2

God's Sufficient Word Part 1

God's Sufficient Word Part 2

One of the best things I have ever read on ADDICTION...A Failure to Worship .  

ONE GOSPEL  a re-post.

I am here to tell you that I am convinced more than ever that attachment struggles are rooted deeply in sin.  And that the ungodly behaviors we see from those who are struggling to attach and those who are dealing with the one/s struggling...are symptoms of deep rooted sin. 

The Lord is in the business of revealing our idols.  

So they may be torn down.  

In his goodness and mercy...the Lord has risen up an army of like-minded believers who are committed to tackling attachment struggles in a Biblical manner.  

He is faithful.   

This book.  

This re-post.

May whatever we turn to...whatever things...whatever systems...whatever "it" may be ...other than the sufficiency of the WORD...who is so miserably that there would be no doubt of "it's" failure. 

The Lord sent us into this.  Remember our "sentness."  realityLA MESSAGE