Friday, February 6, 2009

Adopting Again

A reader has asked us if we would consider adopting again with the challenges we've had.   And if we had, how had it worked and what advise we can give?

We have actually been talking about this a great deal lately.  It is such a hard decision.  I know the tension in my home and what I feel my other children are missing out on because of the high maintenance challenges of this child.  It is hard already.  The road ahead seems long and mountainous.  

However, that being said, I cannot say that I would not adopt again.  It would have to be the prompting of the Holy Spirit--as with all adoptions.  And if it was His prompting, then it is as it should be for all of the members of our family.

Adoption is a beautiful, redemptive, awesome thing.  Where would my attaching kids or my struggling to attach kid be without it?  I cannot imagine avoiding adopting out of fear of further challenges or what it would rob the yet to be home child.... essentially of the unknown.  My Savior knows the unknown.  He is not a God of confusion.  If you are to step out again, He will let you know.  


Simply Moms said...

Be still and know that I Am GOD.

If it is a definate "yes"...He will let you know.........then travel the road in obedience.

Kathy said...

That's a tough question. And sometimes I question my sanity about adopting the twins after having two very difficult adopted children (and one who has done wonderfully). What it finally came down to for us is that these children deserve a chance all of their own. We have given the two difficult ones the opportunities to do so many things but they haven't taken them. We want the twins to have those same opportunities because they just might take them.