Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Change of Seasons

The weather has changed here. Drastically and dramatically...also quite suddenly. Four days ago we needed sweatshirts. Today, we are fast approaching triple digits and things will stay that way for a while. This change entered our lives after recent episodes of wind gusts and chilliness. It will be followed by monsoons...more wind and rain...torrents of it...w/ lightening, thunder, and hail.

The rumor is that we don't have seasons here in this part of the country. But we do.

Today's heat and hot, hot desert sun got me to thinking about the seasons that come w/this RAD journey we travel. Good seasons....not so good seasons. Nightmare hellish seasons. Somewhat normal seasons. Rather strange seasons. Peaceful seasons and off the chart bizarre seasons. Close contact seasons and long distance seasons. Blaming seasons. Begging and pleading seasons. Cold shoulder seasons. Chip on our shoulder seasons. Forgiving seasons and unforgiving seasons. Panicked seasons. Remorseful seasons. Intimate seasons and get as far away from me as you can get seasons. Sad seasons. Mad seasons. Frustrated seasons. Teachable seasons. Stubborn dig our heels into the ground seasons. Regret filled seasons and humorous seasons. Thankful seasons. Fearful seasons. Lonely seasons. Apathetic seasons and full blown knock out drag down fighting to the death seasons. Submissive seasons. Healthy seasons. Loving seasons.
It seems we've experienced them one point or another during our travels. I must remember that Girlie has experienced them too...every single one of them.

For us...seasons pass. Some get re-visited...some not. It's not something that I am proud say that I do not always see clearly the lessons each season is bringing with it. But it is true. When we are in our seasons....whatever they might look like...we often cannot see the forest for the trees...never mind the wisdom and lessons we are supposed to be learning and passing on.

Hindsight is 20/20. Maybe it's time to look back and reflect on where you once were and where you are now? What has each season taught you? A journal is a fabulous idea. Moms, talking openly and transparently w/a trusted friend is another. She can remind you of growth you might be too distracted to notice or too weary to even get excited about (Obviously, this goes for Dads too.)

We are NOWHERE near where we once were. And during our current crazy seasons it helps me to realize that things change often around here and also...that we've come a long way, Baby.

I am re-starting Girlie on her journal tomorrow. I'm going to pick up mine as well.