Friday, December 18, 2009

Ideas for the Home-Educator and others :)

Trying to home-educate all the kiddos in your home....while one of them in particular (or more than one in some cases)tries their hardest to make life all about them all the time?

Here are a few ideas/tools we have used in our home over the years:

Buy your child an ipod and let him/her listen to music of your choice. Good stuff.

Give her crayons...colored pencils and markers w/a sketch pad. Design for her a still life set up and instructions that she is to create her version of that scene.

Place her in a spot where you can see her and she can see you.

Call it "Independent Music & Art Study."

Focus on the other kids. Get done what you need to get done.

If you are not done w/ what you need to get done and she is done w/her still life...hand her a pair of scissors and a stack of scrap paper. Instruct her to cut 25circles....25squares...25 rectangles 25 triangles etc.

Call it "Math."

If you are not done w/what you need to get done...instruct her to color the shapes...circles red...rectangles yellow etc. Have her paste them onto a poster board in patterns w/a glue stick. Make sure she is not eating the glue stick :)

Call it "Cross Curriculum Math/Art Activity."

Should get you through a morning.


Try puzzles and tannegrams. They require focus and help w/logical thinking...planning...cause and effect thinking.

W/the ipod...of course.

Let her chew gum (sugarless.) In packs and packs of gum and let your child be in charge of how much she is chewing (especially as she matures.)

She will feel very powerful..."and have no idea that you are pulling an idea from your therapeutic toolbox.

When she completes a puzzle or successfully works a tannegram sheet...take a photo of it and make a book of the she doesn't carry a wound when her attempts are dismantled and put away.

Hook rugs...needle point...cross stitch etc. Good for concentration and fine motor too.

Knitting...chrocheting...lacing toys for younger ones.

I like Dover coloring books because they require concentration.

Also, you could put on a ballet or exercise dvd and have her "take a class" in the living room.

Trampoline first thing.

Jump rope first thing.

Swing first thing. (Do lessons at the park...take frequent swing breaks.)

A few laps around the cul-de-sac first thing.

Swimming laps first thing.


I'm searching my mind for what else we have done...

Rubik's Cubes are good and those old fashioned math squares...where you have to move the #'s around get them in order. Geoboards and rubber band balls are good things to have lying around. You could keep them all in one in a plastic shoe box.

Bead work is good.

I guess the point is to try and get her interested in something and focused before downward spirals begin.

Things sure seem to go downhill once the spiral ignites.

Easier said than done, I know.

And, many times...impossible.

Burn candles (we have them going almost all the time) to facilitate a calming effect. If it doesn't calm your may calm you :)

Please add to the list any ideas which work for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Great suggestions! Thank you!

I would add.....a healthy breakfast, including some protein, first thing. Low blood sugar does my girlie in quick!

Also, we found she has terrible environmental allergies. We now give her Zyrtec daily. After a day or two w/o allergy meds, we see her behavior going downhill fast, even if her allergy symptoms seem mild. (The Connected Child, by Purvis, taught us about this connection.)


Anonymous said...

Splendid ideas, I have been wondering how to start writing my speech which is due in next month, thanks for that complete resource. I will be looking forward for more interesting things.

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Simply Moms said...

Similar w/the allergies thing over here.

Simply Moms said...

Yes! I think all home comings should involve allergy testing.

And supplements are huge. Yes, K, with CC! so many of them come from such a weak foundation nutritionally. Fish oils, calcium, magnesium--esp over here


Simply Moms said...

Forced Choices are helping a ton, too. She has no control but thinks she does.