Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sensory Input

Purvis said the vast majority of kids with wounded pasts will deal with some degree of sensory processing issues. She suggests doing the checklists in a book like Kranowitz's Out-of-Sync Child. You can also have an OT do an evaluation. You can also use one like Dawn has suggested here, too.

A lot of sensory issues will mimic attachment and vice versa. Babies learn to interpret their worlds and learn to later make decisions through their senses. If they don't learn how to interpret senses coming at them, they interpret all of it as danger. I love that Purvis wants parents to use a breastfeeding newborn as the standard of a sensory bath. Think of all of the ways a baby is washed with + sensory input when nursing. Our kids need sensory baths. all. the. time. However, everything she does is age appropriate.

~Simon Says
~Chair sit-ups


Andy and Kiara said...

Amen! We were very concerned about attachment issues with one of our kiddos until we realized the extent of the sensory issues. Add that to a strong-willed, dramatic, very verbal sweetie, and it can be a recipe for disaster! And completely worn out and discouraged parents. We have been going to OT weekly now for about 3 months, and have seen dramatic changes that are SO encouraging. All this from an adopted-at-birth breastfed kiddo. There may always be challenges, but this was absolutely a key piece of the puzzle for us. Plus some adoption grieving that needed to happen. Praise God for His help when we were at our wit's end! :)

BeckyJoie said...

This blog always has good ideas. Thanks for keeping ideas flowing.

I have a request from you ladies, if you are up to it.

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