Friday, November 5, 2010

♥ to you

There have been days over the last few months where my heart has been heavy for not writing here. I have felt guilt over leaving this blog quiet. But I have come to terms with the fact that it just needs to be what it needs to be. It's here to be an authentic outlet for our real life. And lately my real life with attachment disorder has resulted in a lot of not wanting to talk about attachment disorder. Sometimes you just need to say no. Ya know? So we will post when we can and I quadruple promise to be better about checking our email (attachinghearts at yahoo dot com)

You are loved and not alone. Cyber hugs........


Anonymous said...

We can understand that! :(

For those times when you don't have inspiration for new posts, I would LOVE to see you re-post some of your attachment posts from your family blog here on this blog. To have it all in one place would make for an incredible resource!

Just sayin'. :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

just stumbled here.

Kiddos we are adopting from Foster care are twins. The girl is giving me a run for my money.

Someone left a comment on my blog this morning saying she sounds RAD. I'm a tad offended that someone would diagnoses over a few blog accounts.... okay, so I'm thinking RAD is an easy label for a problem adopted child?

I read your list on the side bar. My kiddo is 6. Came to us 8 months ago. Was very developmentally delayed (in diapers, not speaking much, had pretty much blocked audio input, etc..) has been growing mentally by leaps and bounds and is 6 (going on 4 or 5). Her behavior has been getting to be on the spectacular side of amazing -very controlling and manipulative. Her tantrums are not as bad as they were - but they are daily! Anyway, looking at your list this kid has only 12 of your 30 symptoms. That doesn't mean a whole lot, does it? I have been thinking that this kid is looking to see if she can trust us.If we are for real. Not thinking she is rad. Thoughts?

Simply Moms said...

Great idea anonymous! Will do. :)

Simply Moms said...

Angela--You're right. It is impossible to diagnose or assess a child in the blog world. I'm not going to try here. I will just share some thoughts generally about attachment. I would say that most professionals as well as the majority of moms raising kids from wounded places would say that the diagnosis of "RAD" is outdated and insufficient. Most people would say there is a large spectrum of attachment disorder.

All attachment disorder at the core is a lack of trust. This child is controlling their environment because they cannot relax and trust that adults will care for them and meet their needs. I think 12 is a significant number. My daughter has about 16 of them and is classic attachment disorder. Control is a huge red flag.

BUT again, I don't know you or your child, just something to think about.