Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I don't know about you, but this first week of advent has been filled with D-R-A-M-A!!! Too much excitement, too many activities, & too much sugar. Most of all, way tooooo many emotions. Sad over empty past Christmases, sad over deep losses, feeling unworthy of the showering of love and gifts, hating all the attention on Jesus.

I love the sweetness of the holidays but I hate what the sugar and dyes to do my little one. So I've resolved to add a little silliness to each day. Something to add giggles and snuggles and connection. Silliness and fun are deeply important for all days with our kids, but it seems much more so today.

One idea we did this week:
I let the kids pretend that they believed in Santa. We were at the mall and I let them go sit with him and tell them what they wanted for Christmas. They thought they were so funny saying their wishes with straight faces. They walked away and burst out laughing. It was a good connecting moment for us, too, because I praised them for their excellent acting skills with hugs and kisses. Just silly. Goofy. A little way to lighten the mood that seems so intense and dark for some of our kids.


Katy said...

I completely hear you on the holidays and change of routine reeking havoc for kids with attachment issues....mine celebrated her birthday this past weekend and OH MY! I was prepared for tantrums but not the behaviors being quite so crazy. Great idea about Santa! This will be my first Christmas with a little one and I am still trying to figure out if Santa should be included even though obviously the focus will be on Jesus at my house. We are just now working on family traditions, but I am trying to reduce the drama by keeping to routine as much as possible. For my sanity. :)

Simply Moms said...

I was going to share some thoughts, but it became a novel. LOL. Don't worry, your daughter and the typical crazy behavior will come back sometime around the end of January.