Thursday, March 21, 2013

Done w/Discipline

The Lord spoke very clearly to me last week.  Not audibly....but clearly :)

I have communicated to Girlie and to the rest of the family that my days of disciplining are over.  No more discipline from Mom ever.  

(A reminder...Girlie is 17 and we have been at this for 13 years now...also much of the resistance is exhibited towards me during the day...every single day...not Dad.)

I will continue to address sin.  

I will continue to call it what it is.  

I will continue to validate others....when offenses come their way.  

I will continue to affirm that sin breaks relationships.  Especially habitual sin.   Habitual unrepentant sin.

I will continue to remind Girlie that true repentance is a turning from sin.  A changing of the mind about it.  A turning of the heart.  And that anything other than that is a bunch of bull.

I will no longer do ^^^^^  all of that with emotion attached to it.

I will no longer remind or encourage or demand that school work gets done.

There are plenty of people in the world who drop out of school....unless she takes ownership of her academic life...she may be one of them.

I will no longer remind...encourage or demand that chores get done.  

The rule want to live in this act like a family member.
You don't act like a family member...the other family members have to pick up your slack or pay the consequences for your dishonor, selfishness, and laziness.  They notice and relationships are broken.

When freak outs or melt downs or tantrums occur...I will politely remove Girlie from the presence of her siblings.  She is not the center of my universe or theirs.  She will be reminded that people do not want to hang out with people who act like the center of the universe.  And that such behavior damages relationships.

I will continue to feed and cloth and house and provide health care and dental care and fun things like recreational polish...a home library of great lessons...a piano...a ipod...beach scratches...etc. etc. etc....even if I am treated like a piece of garbage and never once appreciated and taken advantage of by her.  

I told Girlie that she is the Lord's to do with as He will.

He is her Creator and He is more than capable of disciplining her as He sees fit.  

Or not.

I'd be afraid.