Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Put your little one on your shoulders and and hold their legs securely.  Tell them to lift their arms high in the air.  You'll be surprised at how scary and challenging this is for your child.  We got the arms raised after awhile, but she was still bracing herself with her stomach.  

Do it again in a day or so.  

As she begins to feel more comfortable, try a little jump.

or a twirl.

or a run. 

there just might be a day when she trusts that you won't let her plummet to her death.  :)


kayder1996 said...

Good idea. And a great one for dads. I have heard a lot about using water as a way to teach children trust but I've always struggled with that because some kids don't naturally fear anything or have a sense of danger, especially traumatized kids plus some kids really are totally scared to death. My husband is petrafied of water and it seems a bit cruel to force a kid to do something that may be way too scary for them like jump into water. But your idea doesn't involve a danger/safety issue like water.

Anonymous said...

That only works if you don't have a father like mine who thought it was hysterically funny to "accidentally" drop me.

Brenda said...

FUN idea!