Thursday, September 10, 2009

Promise Land

For many adoptive parents, the long wait during the adoption process or even just the longing to grow your family has felt like the desert wanderings of the Israelites. You have survived this torturous season. You have trusted Christ for your daily sustenance. You have hoped with joy at what lies ahead. You have followed Him to this child. To bring home your pined for child seems about to cross the Jordan. Soon you will be together forever and the time as a family will be rich and fruitful and yummy. But and a major but to possess the promise land with a RADish takes work. There will be battles. Lots of them. You will have to fight for the regulated and joy filled home. It will seem impossible. The temptation is to be grumbling like the Israelites. It was better before this all began. The wait was easier than the adoption itself. At least I was familiar with pining. It had become comfortable. What was I hoping for? God has led us all this way to now let us fumble, fear and faint with this child. But we must be like Joshua, beloved. We must see the possibilities for our child and for our family. We must be willing to enter into the wars and impossible circumstances. There is hope. We have promises. He will not leave us. He will go before us. He will give us strength for each battle and a way out of every temptation. The possibility of milk and honey so far exceeds the sand of the desert. For your child. For your family. For you. Press in.

~thoughts and reflections after reading Number 16


andykiara said...

So wonderfully true. I'm thankful God is encouraging your heart this way! :)