Thursday, February 11, 2010


Over the years we have developed and maintained a close knit circle of friendships. Obviously, the "acquaintance circle" has been larger...but the actual 'friendship one" has been tight.

Some struggling kids attract mean spirited kids like flies to poop. Two kids in our history come to mind. Bullies (emotional not physical) from the word "GO."

A while back, it was almost as if Girlie was asking for the bullying. She'd step directly into the line of fire... and then not even realize she was getting hit smack in the forehead.

She'd even defend the bullies.

It broke my heart. It made me angry! At the bullies..... and at Girlie.

This momma don't raise no dummies!!!!!!!!!

Now, I am very well aware of the fact that my kids are sinners. From the word "Go." Girlie is a big time honkin' super duper-sized sinner.

She is not a bully, however.

And now...because we've had practice dealing w/them.... she recognizes one when she sees one.


If your child is not a bully....BEWARE because they may attract them.


kayder1996 said...

When they teach bully training for school teachers, they actually do talk about kids like this who are good bully targets. Accoding to these training session, sometimes it's about kids who attract bullies and sometimes it's kids who are actually a passive aggressive form of bullies. (Be annoying, have no social skills, etc. thus "bullying" and "manipulating" through your behavior.) Just an interesting take on it.

BeckyJoie said...

Been there, done that! Threw out the t-shirt.

Simply Moms said...

So true, Kayder. And, obviously...all parents must work on their own kids weak spots/areas of sin w/in peer / social relationships.

In our case re; "the bullies"...
they behaved in a similar manner w/all the kids in this circle.... emotionally bullying all equally.

It was Girlie who seemed to get the brunt of it because she did not #1 recognize that she was being bullied and #2 had no exhibited desire to put an end to it.