Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted here. To tell you the truth...sometimes I just don't want to talk about attachment issues. It's gets old.

Update in our home:

Girlie has been making GREAT strides. Mostly in the form of trusting her parents w/her heart. This kid is a believer w/the gift of discernment. Her discernment blows me away sometimes. She can nail a sin issue to it's core.

A handful of times over the past few months...she has addressed troubling areas in others while owning her own troubles (we don't take well to planks in our own eyes around here. )

She has done so w/our knowledge and under our protection. She has handled herself beautifully and I am sure feels very safe.

With that comes trust and much growth.

And, a few spirals. To be expected. Predictable.

They don't seem to last long these days though. And she is able to articulate rather quickly what she is feeling...because trying to figure it our based on behavior is almost impossible. When her feelings don't match her reactions....we point it out.

Actually....we usually just kinda look at her blankly and remain silent. Within seconds...she usually figures out that there is a discrepancy and adjusts herself.

Sometimes....we have to do that three or four times in an afternoon....but no more week long or month long or season long spirals to speak of.


Andy and Kiara said...

Praise God, Dawn! That is wonderful news. :)

BeckyJoie said...

Good to hear. I understand not wanting to talk about attachment stuff. I have times like that. I think it's good to encourage others who are in the trenches of the toughest parts of it or to seek comfort when needed, but a hyperfocus is too much. I'm glad to know others who have been or are where I am and to help those who are where I was. I always found so much enouragement here on your blog when I was new to realizing that I was not the only parent dealing with RAD. LOL. Three cheers to your child's progress. I'm happy for that. Blessings.