Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hugs, Kisses and RAD!

I loved this post from Courtney. We must be a student of our kids and get to the heart of their motivations. Using the word Mommy or giving a hug or being polite does not mean they are healthy and attaching. Sometimes I think the fear of a label or dealing with the reality of loss in our kids' lives or how accepting the possibility/reality of the situation makes us stop short of analyzing our children and their behavior. I totally understand. But don't let fear control you. It will only lead to bigger issues. Courtney's post is concise, with hope and healthy boundaries. Go check it out.


Katy said... daughter's hugs and kisses are exactly like smothering that they actually hurt sometimes. And she is constantly wanting to be glued as well....thanks for sharing this. It is so frustrating when even my closest family members just don't "get it" when I am overwhelmed by the affection. YES, I know I waited for her forever, and I am thrilled she is affectionate, but it is totally exhausting. Sometimes I just want a regular hug and kiss without being climbed on and in pain. Those are rare.