Friday, October 3, 2014

We ALL Smell

How Adoption Preaches the Gospel and Why We Must Let It

I think I might understand a little...the parents who get somewhat twisted or even very upset with people who fumble through adoption related interactions in less than ideal ways.

They are prideful.

They think highly of themselves during these moments.

They think they are doing right by protecting their kids from "stupid/ignorant/racist/mean-spirited/close-minded" people when they offer snarky responses or...just polite enough responses...and maybe once in a blue moon...they are.

But most of the is them...the twisted parents who need correcting.  

I think maybe the core of the twistedness has to do with an issue of identity.

Either the parent is struggling with their own identity in this whole adoption story....

...or they are SO AFRAID that their child will struggle with it that anything which might be a given more power than it actually deserves or warrants. 

The trigger might not even be a trigger for the kid...but it sure as heCk might be one for the twisted parent. 


Walk with the Lord humbly.

Walk gracefully.

Our kids are watching us. 

A lot of people are watching us.

We are Christ's ambassadors here on Earth.

When someone fumbles...and asks some question awkwardly cuz your kid has different shaped eyes or something... and think...for such a time as this.

What a great opportunity to say..." I know...I know...I barely look anything like the Lord either...yet He calls me His own."  then  "Our family is a picture...flawed as it may be...of that very grace."

We have two choices.

We can either leave them smelling like something unpleasant...or we can leave them smelling like something attractive.

We ALL Smell. 

What's your fragrance? 


And here's another thing...

...if you think that your kid's adoption is natural...meaning anything other than might be tempted into thinking your own adoption into the Lord's household is natural too.

Hence...the pride.