Thursday, February 19, 2015


We adopted Bunny. She has a white fur coat, tiny brown ears, and a Marilyn Monroe mole like spot under her nose.  She is a scared rabbit. She makes squealing noises when she feels unsafe and she nips at you if you get too close. Bunny is stubborn and very quick with her emotions. She wouldn't allow us to pet her,  hold her,  or feed her by hand for quite a while. She wouldn't allow herself to be loved by us. It saddened us and made my younger sister cry. It became harder and harder for us to love her because we became more and more afraid of her. So the more we were afraid of her...she became more afraid of us.

There needed to be an emotional healing process. 

The other day I swept Bunny up using a towel to hide her eyes.  The second time I did this,  I held her more firmly than the first, letting her know I was in control...but of course still gently and took her to a quiet place. I was silent for a few minutes...petting her through the towel in an effort to make her more comfortable and communicate that she was safe. From behind... I pulled the towel off and moved slowly towards her head petting her without a sound. Then, I gently talked to her letting her know that I was just afraid as she was, and that everything was going to be okay. I beautified her by clipping her overgrown toenails and grooming her with dry shampoo. I think Bunny has trouble with letting herself be loved by others and being loveable. She has taught me through a glimpse, that I need to be more loving and that I need to let others love me more.

The point is...  I want to love more and be more loveable.

Our other dwarf bunny, Oreo, is  black and white, with black ears and two black spots under both her eyes. She is sassy but so sweet and loving and loveable.  It's easier to want to be with her.