Friday, September 12, 2008

I have a dear sister in Christ who lives far away...but never seems far away...if you know what I mean.  When we talk on the phone, it's usually regarding the kids, home-education, life's inevitable ups and downs etc.....and we ALWAYS LAUGH OUT LOUD at some point during our conversations...possibly because we have a quirky take on things?  I don't know.  We don't really give much thought as to why we usually seem to be the only ones giggling.  This ride we're on....this roller coaster called frightening as it can often be....also has a great potential for fun!  

My girlfriend has six children, one home through adoption and somehow she's fitting in the studies required to become a family therapist.  After a difficult moment in her home, she posted the following quote on her blog.     

"More than anything else I could ever do, the gospel enables me to embrace my tribulations and thereby position myself to gain full benefit from them.  For the gospel is the one great permanent circumstance in which I live and move;and every hardship in my life is allowed by God only because it serves His gospel purpose in me.  When I view my circumstances in this light, I realize that the gospel is not just one piece of good news that fits into my life somewhere among all the bad.  I realize instead that the gospel makes genuinely good news out of every other aspect of my life, including my severest trials.  The good news about my trials is that God is forcing them to bow to His gospel purposes and to do good unto me by improving my character and making me more conformed to the image of Christ."  
Milton Vincent's Gospel Primer

I'm including it here because I find it a great reminder today...of the truth it communicates.  

There are many Christ followers out there who are feeling disappointed in the Lord for His allowing difficult circumstances to enter their lives (attachment struggles included.)  He could have prevented this and He chose not to. He has abandoned us/me.  He is punishing us/me.  He must not really love us/me. Maybe we/I made this decision in our/my flesh and now we/I am living out the consequences of my distrust and lack of patience. 

I felt very much this way after 5 miscarriages...during marital trouble...during career/financial woes...during relational lows etc.   I still struggle with feeling this way when yukkkk hits hard.... as it often does.   

CHRISTians, no matter what mess we are in...the circumstances....the ways in which we arrived there....all of it has passed through the throne room of the King .  

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." 
Romans 8:28

Every single time an attachment issue arises today...every time you feel rejected by your child...every time you are challenged...every time you are ignored...every time you are blamed...every time you are on the receiving end of the anger....the fear......

hold a mirror to yourself.....
and ask....

Lord, am I okay with You? this what I am doing to You?  Am I very much like my child at this moment?

We cannot ask even a question like this on our own...outside of the Lord's prompting.  He makes the first move.  The parent makes the first move....towards the child. 

Just like Jesus...we pursue the hearts of our children and we give them ours.  

Unlike Jesus, we sin in doing so. 


We are loved.  We are forgiven.  



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All glory to God...but, man!!!! Hey!!!! I get to call her my wife...the one prompted by His Spirit to write this here. This writing oh so encouraged me...and with this tear in my eye...I press on. I love you. I cherish you. I appreciate you. Even though I don't always communicate in the best way...through my actions and/or words. As you know, often due to my own self focus, selfishness, funk and depression. I just had to say here in social utility cyberland...I do see the woman, wife and mother you are in the Lord....and He is good...I mean real good!

Love and Kisses,
the blogbuster

Unspeakable Joy said...

good stuff. we've been through the whole range of why, blame, mad, and are finally accepting it's a challenge yeah, but it'll pass. hopefully! :) and we have help.

Anonymous said...


You know, I read that quote and read it, and I still believe it will take a long, long time to sink in. I find myself appying it in baby steps--when the evidence of things seen points in the direction of defeat. I'm actually learning to speak it to myself and actually picture my trials bowing down at the Cross.

By the way, I ended up buying TWO copies of the book!