Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Update

The following is a response I recently made to a post on a fellow blogger's site.

It reminded me of Cate's thoughts a few days ago.

We began photographing/videoing the melt downs. Our girlie was horrified to think that others might someday see the her that we get to see.

I told her that without doubt.... I needed to document the tantrums....because one day her therapist might be interested to have a visual aid, or her future husband (Lord BLESS him!) might like to see what he might be getting himself into......or that Daddy would definitely be interested when he got home from work...or that just for Mommies sanity...I needed to share with a girlfriend so that I could get advice on whether or not I was overreacting to the constant center-of-attention, disruptive, fits of rage, and foaming at the mouth episodes that monopolized the entire family and kept me away from my four other children?????!?!?!

It didn't take long for those sorts of tantrums to lessen in intensity...and for the most part....cease to exist.

I believe she frightened herself into sobriety.


And the best part is that we haven't photographed or videoed in quite a long while....because the need has disappeared.


Brenda said...

Sort of along the same lines, our youngest had tantrums daily, even at school. He saw another boy have one and was mortified. He quit immediately. I think he had no idea what it really looked like before that.

Brenda said...

We had a similar reaction when our youngest saw another boy at school have a rage. It really shocked him.

Leaders In Learning said...

Wow! I thought I had an original idea. We did this and it worked pretty well too. Too cool!


Unspeakable Joy said...

ooh great idea! i show them in the mirror at times, but don't think they remember. seeing it later when they're regulated would be more effective!
wow on the tools. it's amazing the heavy weights they carry around that we don't even know about.