Friday, October 10, 2008

Tool Box

So.....after 8 years with girlie has revealed much lately to her dear old parents.....who never had so much as a clue. Bottled up inside her petrified self preserving little heart has been the thought that simple household hammers and screwdrivers are actually torture devices. It seems she's been waiting for us to break them out in some manner other than what week-end chores call for.

We know a few things about her past....but had no idea that she has been afraid of the junk drawer and Papa's (Granddad's) garage since the day she came home. In her recently and eloquently put....."Yeah, I kept thinking what the heck is he gonna do with those evil things?"

Now I try to remember back to those unexplained homework lesson melt down days and wonder if she might have been triggered by a visual perhaps? You hanging a picture on the wall....or a simple line drawing perhaps...... of a hammer in a phonics book or something as random as that? Who knew?

I do think the Lord reveals what we need to know when we need to know it. And I am thankful that He holds some things from us when He does. Wouldn't we just lay down and die if we knew it all?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. We haven't had too many unexplained episodes, but probably we just haven't recognized them yet. We did have one that we still wonder about. We had a little Super Bowl party at home, just the three of us. We were having a great time together, but when the half-time show music started our daughter, who had just turned 5, just started crying out of the blue. Not thowing a fit, just sobbing, very sad, very upset about something. She couldn't tell us what was wrong, and we don't think she even knew, but we wonder if there are some repressed memories that the songs triggered from the first couple years of her life that we will likely never know about.

Simply Moms said...

Our second daughter home thru adoption would cry like that....unexplained crying....for a while after she was home. She was grieving. It was hard to see/experience....but so good. For when they grieve....they have attached somewhere to someone on some level.