Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, we've had a wild time of it over the last ten days or so. It became apparent that Girlie was in need of a reality check. It came in the form of discussing what life is like for Russian orphans who never find a family. Hard, HARD discussions. Real discussions. Authentic and brutally honest discussions...which culminated in a youtube search on the subject. There are many, many uploads to view....which we did (previewed by me.) She sat on my lap...with me cuddling her and she and I digested the despair of the situation so many beautiful children find themselves in due to circumstances not of their own choosing. Sobering. Very sobering. But true. Girlie needed to see the all it's ugliness. The TRUTH will set you free.

Girlie: So, there's something I've been wondering about (even though she's heard her story many, many times before) I a true orphan or a social orphan? (She finally had the words "social orphan" due to a news report we watched.)

Me: When you were admitted to the orphan house immediately after your were a social orphan. I do not know what became of your birth parents since that day. I do not know if they are still here on earth. But, I do know that are not an orphan at all...of any kind. You are our daughter.

Girlie was pensive....and subdued. Thoughtful. Softened, she almost whispered..."I am so happy you came and got me."

Many things were revealed to her little heart. Life would not be so grande and lovely in Russia for a child who lived in the system and then was rejected by the same system. Girlie is not weird and alone in her circumstances....there are millions. Girlie....being given a family and a home....that's a gift. A gift is someone. The giver of her gift and our gift is the Lord...who is good.

So I knew there would be a whiplash moment...and sure enough....about a week later..... came.

She had been doing great....and if out of nowhere....WHIPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two looooooooong days of constant big time WHIPLASH.

Within one 12 hour period of time....I heard, "I hate you!" from her for the first time ever...walked through a long discussion w/ Dad and Girlie about life's disappointments/frustrations/regrets/sin etc...offered and received repentance & forgiveness.......... and was asked by Girlie through a shaky voice if she could sleep between her parents. So, the three of us (Mom, Dad, and our 13 year old Girlie)....ended the whiplash cycle in the same bed...snuggled and cozy warm. Girlie needed to see the all it's beauty. The TRUTH will set you free.

Praising the Lord....for the growth...for the new depth....for all the steps forward.

And asking Him for strength to ride out the next whiplash episode.


Anonymous said...

Wow, praying for your strength as you endure this trial with your sounds like you are doing an awesome job with her though.