Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kids' Space

I've had an idea floating around in my mind for a while now....and for some reason, I think the time might be right to articulate it here. Let's give our kids some space.

Kids who are struggling often feel alone....just like parents who are struggling tend to feel alone.

I'd like to create a space where kids who are struggling to attach or their siblings (RAD affects the entire family) can put their thoughts into words. A space where their images or artwork can be displayed. A space where they can safely express themselves and make attempts to be heard and understood. Anonymously.

Readers can send in their contributions. Please make sure you have your kid/s permission before posting.

All in an attempt to learn a little something from our children. All in an attempt to have our kids learn a little something from each other.

I think we should prepare our hearts for some beautiful and not so beautiful stuff.


Anonymous said...

I think this sounds like a good idea, and look forward to hearing what you have in mind. My child who is struggling would be almost to young to contribute much, but my ten year old son is trying to accept that his sister has issues. And trying to understand why we can't do certain things because of her, including adding another child to the family. It would be great to have some place for him to share some of his feelings.

kayder1996 said...

While you idea is a concept of space via the internet, it reminds me of the children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. In the story, Alexander's answer for everything bad is "I think I'll move to Australia." We all, kids and grown ups alike, need an "Australia" of sorts where we can just "quit life" for a bit.

Kristin said...

I'm not sure my struggling to attach kids would be able to participate right now, but I'm pretty sure their 11 year old sister would love it! I look forward to hearing what you have in mind as well.