Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All The Good Things

Yeah, the more any gracious heart is very active and busy in the work of God, so he is very active and busy in sanctifying God's name in the affliction that befalls him.

The difference is very clear:  The one whose disposition is quiet is not as disquieted as others are, but neither does he show any activeness of spirit to sanctify the name of God in his affliction.  But, on the other hand, he whose contentment is of grace is not disquieted and keeps his heart quiet with regard to vexation and trouble, and at the same time is not dull or heavy but very active to sanctify God's name in the affliction that he is experiencing.

-The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Oh this book!  It's so so so so good.

I think we all know how to buck up and put on a happy face.  We have one time or another...made decisions to present a picture to the world that says "we are okay"...because gasping for air....or moaning...or sobbing...just doesn't seem appropriate.   At the core... we are much  "more Godly" than that.  

What would people think if we were honest?  Completely honest.

What if they knew that we doubted God?  That we doubted His goodness? 

Been there done that.  

The facade can only stand so long.

Our actions betray us.  Inside our homes.  Our family knows.  Our intimates know.   They so know.

Then...if we are grace...the Lord brings us to face to face with Himself.

He deals with us.   And more often than not... we fight Him.  Because His dealings with us seem unfatherly. 

Then...sometimes in a moment...and sometimes after a long season...we see.  Our eyes are opened.

And we can tell of HIS goodness & all the good things we have been shown.