Saturday, July 19, 2014

Triggers = Opportunities

Russia is in the news.  Not in a good way.

Just hearing about a shot down passenger jet...war zone air space...the Russian invasion of a sovereign nation ...ears perk up around here.

When one of our kids stated dancing around the living room...singing a song celebrating the fact that she is not illegal but an actual American citizen and no longer there but here....I knew it was time to initiate a conversation. 

One of our adopted children came home from Russia.  The other from KazakhstanBoth countries are currently closed to foreign adoptions. 

Possibly forever.

Last night we talked about the sovereignty of our trustworthy Lord in making us a family when he did.  How His ways are perfect.  How His timing is perfect.

The Lord does not get ahead of Himself.  Nor does He tarry.   

How He is ultimately in control of the closed countries.  Of the leaders.  Of the kids.

How His plans will not be thwarted by man.   Not ever.

How He ...not we...plucked our kids out of the hell holes they were in and planted them forever in our hearts and in our family.

How nothing any member of our family ever does or could ever do...would absolve us from the  responsibility of us being a family or fulfilling our God-given roles within our family unit.   Even if our feelings went against our call.   Even if circumstances threatened or complicated the walking out of the call.  And how oftentimes...blood is not the binding matter when families are concerned. 

And then...when we examine our salvation!!!!!!  With thanksgiving and an overwhelming sense of humility we walk in the knowledge that nothing we ever did or could ever do...deserved such a magnificent & tangible picture of redemption to enter our lives.


It takes my breath away. 


familygregg said...

I am so happy to be an American citizen and I am thankful for adoption!