Monday, September 15, 2014

John 14:18

Believer, ever feel alone in your battle against attachment struggles?    Misunderstood by family?  Abandoned by friends?  Even a "Biblical" counselor?  Even a pastor? 

You are not alone.

Turn to HIM. Turn away from the things of the world and turn to Jesus. 

Unbelievers...the same goes for you.

Insufficient Help Part 1

Insufficient Help Part 2

God's Sufficient Word Part 1

God's Sufficient Word Part 2

One of the best things I have ever read on ADDICTION...A Failure to Worship .  

ONE GOSPEL  a re-post.

I am here to tell you that I am convinced more than ever that attachment struggles are rooted deeply in sin.  And that the ungodly behaviors we see from those who are struggling to attach and those who are dealing with the one/s struggling...are symptoms of deep rooted sin. 

The Lord is in the business of revealing our idols.  

So they may be torn down.  

In his goodness and mercy...the Lord has risen up an army of like-minded believers who are committed to tackling attachment struggles in a Biblical manner.  

He is faithful.   

This book.  

This re-post.

May whatever we turn to...whatever things...whatever systems...whatever "it" may be ...other than the sufficiency of the WORD...who is so miserably that there would be no doubt of "it's" failure. 

The Lord sent us into this.  Remember our "sentness."  realityLA MESSAGE