Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Holy Spirit

When the Lord said He would send a Helper...He meant it.  I can honestly say that the times I have failed as a parent...are the very same times I have not been submitted to the Spirit.  And as a wife.  And as a sibling.  And as a friend.  And so on and so on. 

Believers...any time we walk in's because we are not submitting to the Lord.  We know this.  

We all think our circumstances go above and beyond what others have or are experiencing.  We can tell you why our marriage is harder.  Why our divorce is okay.  Why our temper is warranted.  Why our harsh tones are justified.  Why our resentment is appropriate.  Why our disengagement is perfectly fine.  Why our wall building is necessary.  Why our loss is greater.  Why our circumstances differ.  Why our choices are beyond what ordinary choices call for.  Why our vices are different.  Why our OUR STRUGGLING KID is different than other struggling kids.

Why our responses are okay. 

I get it.

Boy, do I get it.  

"I may not wear rough garments or take vows and orders as an attempt to destroy sin, but I may still look to myself and my homespun remedies rather than to God and his remedies."

 You Need The Power of The Holy Spirit

God's Sufficient Spirit

"Evangelicalism has been infiltrated by a worldly anthropology-psychology-theology that is diametrically opposed to the biblical doctrines of sin and sanctification. As a result of this accommodation, the church has compromised and hopelessly muddled the message it is to proclaim."

Heart Change re-post.