Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Gospel

Stay the course....even when you feel like throwing in the not. Consistent...firm....loving relationships. Truth in love. Always (click here)Truth.

Breakthroughs are possible. Healing is possible.

There is one (click here)Gospel. Only one Gospel. For every adult. For every child. No matter our histories. No matter our back stories...circumstances or road of trials.

Fear is a spiritual problem. Yes, the roots dig way down deep. The soil in which they grow can bring tears to the eyes and heartache to the soul...but at the end of the in a constant state of fear (other than the fear of the Lord) is sin and must be rooted out. Self love is sin. Self hatred is sin. Manipulation is sin. Unrighteous anger is sin. Unforgivness is sin. The list goes on and on.

Now certainly our circumstances and upbringings differ. Some assist in healthy development and some do not. Alcoholic parents....hard road. Divorce....hard road. Poverty....hard road. Abandoned....hard road. Rejected....hard road. You get the point.

Even so...our roads do not take the Lord by surprise. He knits each of us together in our mother's wombs. He does it where and when He sees fit according to His purposes. The Bible tells us clearly that there is an enemy to our souls prowling around on a leash waiting to devour us and it also tells us that when we sin....we follow after the evil desires of our own hearts. The Lord has set the standard.

Medical ailments...emotional ailments...psychological ailments...behavioral ailments...societal ailments...physical ailments....addictions...compulsions....spiritual confusion.... Gospel.

We...who call ourselves Christ followers...are called to walk intimately with our Lord. Parents, we must walk with Him in a worthy manner....putting aside all hints of hypocrisy. We must offer our kids every opportunity possible to hear the Good News and understand clearly the dilemma unregenerated man finds himself in without it. Pray parents. Pray for the living Lord of the universe to interrupt lives.

There is a temptation for Christ following parents of kids struggling w/RAD...I think.... to somehow think that and mom...can somehow fill the empty spot. That our actions will make all the difference in their little worlds.

A difference...YES...absolutely.

All the difference...NO...not by a looooooooooooooooong shot!

Have we been trying to fill the hole only He can completely fill?

Have we been trying to make all the difference?

Have we become our own idols?

Have our kids become our idols?

Have we set ourselves up as idols in our kids eyes?

Maybe that's why we're exhausted/anxiety ridden/and depressed.

Maybe that's why our kids are exasperated.

And....dare I say...................afraid?

Keep up the hard work. Therapy...doctors...digging in deeper etc. You are doing a good job...but lest we forget...

....He does the heart healing and renews minds.


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Amen to that-there is hope! Hey, I have an idea to run by you regarding this topic. Your philosophy matches a book idea I have. Are you interested in chatting? Email me please, if so. I'd love to chat. I have facebook and various chat options as well. My email is Thanks and have a wonderful night.

Simply Moms said...

I do believe the Lord moves....

Talk to you soon :)