Monday, March 26, 2012

Deep Aches

I look into my daughter's eyes. She is angry. At her birthmother. At her birth country. At her orphanage. She takes it out on me as if I committed those sins against her. I try and love her and she pushes me away.

How can a child that rejects even the love of tangible, physical earthly parents, accept the love of an unseen God.

It will take a miracle. This will be the work of Christ.


Sophie said...

I have asked the same question. You are right...the only answer is a miracle of God. I pray we both witness this miracle in our families.

Andy and Kiara said...

Although our child's story is different than yours, our daughter is grieving and angry also -- that her birth mother didn't parent her, and that her birth brothers are not a part of her life right now. Just last week, God impressed on me something that gave me so much more compassion for her in the midst of this struggle.

God made this plan.

Her birthmother chose our family and planned this for her.

Her Daddy and I said 'yes!'

But SHE did not choose this. She did not sign up for this like we did. She had no control over this plan, and it makes sense that she will need to work through that lack of control as well as the losses. It may be a long process. There will be grief and anger as she adjusts. But, in God's grace, hopefully she WILL adjust and thrive in time. We will always be hopeful. :)

I hope this helps someone else who has not thought about their child's story in this way before.