Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Change in Our Days

It has been two months now since my RADish started going to work with my husband. Every day. Her lessons and discipleship are completely his. Things had begun to really spiral. (Worse than usual) She's really struggled lately relationally and behaviorally. We had gotten to the point where she couldn't really play with anyone or go anywhere without us being 3 feet away from her. I was exhausted and started to really hurt physically. My husband is primarily responsible for her discipleship and education and knew right now I couldn't come alongside him in it.

The first couple of weeks were hard on her. She would be ok during the day with daddy, but then wreak havoc on me and the house when she was home. It was hard to respond and not react. But we got into a good groove of not reacting to her attempts at control. When she saw that she had lost all (ok most) of the control over me that she has had, she turned to old behaviors. . . and worse. Primarily with food and lying.

It's been hard, but a recent visit from a friend cheered her heart. She has bravely asked that I would have a few people pray for her to overcome these challenges. This is huge for a RADish. They like to charm and woo the outside world in a superficial way. Then they save all of the angry behaviors for mom and dad. To step out and actually invite a few trusted people into her scary world, is so very brave.

I totally understand that not all husbands are capable within their job structure to make such a move. We needed to make a change. She needed to be under Daddy's authority more intimately. As Dawn also did something similarly to this awhile back. Their tutor was this for them. Her RADish couldn't shadow Daddy, but she could bring in a tutor for a subject that was causing much strife between them relationally. We knew for both our families, home schooling was the right choice. Even with RADishes. We also knew things couldn't stay exactly the same. These were good changes for us.

Is there one area over others that is bringing a great deal of strife? Try bringing in some help in that area to bring some amount of peace.