Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reader's Letter

We received a letter (and a heart photo) from a reader and thought it would be an encouragement so we are passing it on with her permission.


I faithfully read and love letting you know my "Miss Romania" is almost 18 this year, in one month. It has been one little crazy journey but it is our life and we chose never to give up. Having no other children at first we knew no other life. After all the tears, scars, deafening screams, fights, attacks and emotional stabs... She is attaching. She told me she never wanted to move from her happy place in our home. She begs me to hold her hand when we watch tv now, sitting on the ground below me, and holds onto my finger like a little baby when I drive the car. When we get out of the car she wants to hold my hand, proud that we have a relationship, and not afraid at the age of 18 to hold mama's hand in public. She almost demands my hand at times so she can prove to the world that we are one and she is loved. She spontaneously hugs and tells me she loves me and acknowledges that she put our family through a lot.

She lies less about needless things, and confronts her behavior with an appropriate reaction of sorrow.

Although she's grounded from her phone and computer at present, it has nothing to do with her behavior or lack of appropriate behavior with her family. She did normal crazy teenage things.

I've put her and her sister together in situations where they have to work together. Last Saturday she went to R's fashion show and went in the back with all the other models to help her sister dress and keep everything in order. They were both pleased at their teamwork, even R was shocked. I didn't go to watch my daughter because I wanted to see how they could be together without killing one another with words and painful hits. It is happening.

Yes we still have those days, they are so far between now it isn't so painful. Yes she still has her moments. But we are becoming whole. But in saying that, it is with a small wall that is lowered ever so slowly.