Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get them Rest

More than even the adults talked about here, our kiddos need a good night's sleep (need more than the adult 7 hours).  Although, obviously, the cave man stuff is ridiculous, I thought it was fascinating to see the correlation between sleep and the ability to process positive emotions. When you are standing with gentleness and a smile before your raging kid, could it be that they aren't even seeing it. It surely isn't that a good night's sleep will fix everything. But we want to make sure we are doing every thing we can to remove any physical challenges. Our kids must get the nutrition, supplements and sleep they need to set them up for the best situation possible. (watch the video, too. no texting/computers/tv for hours before bed).


kayder1996 said...

Yes, yes, yes. As an elementary teacher, I can tell you that often times my kids with behavior concerns are the same kids who are falling asleep at odd times during the school day. I always have wondered how much of their "problems" were really just lack of sleep. I also know someone who's daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. This person was a teacher and tried all sorts of behavior management things and medicine but nothing seemed to help. They ended up taking her to a neurologist who somehow figured out that their daughter had a sleep disorder and was not getting more than ten minutes worth of sleep at a time. No wonder her behavior was unmanageable and atrocious!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

So true. Mine always get sent for naps when grumpy. They usually wake up happier. Yes, even teens need naps to deal with their stress and be able to think better. Thanks for the reminder again.