Friday, June 26, 2009


What do you believe about the (click here)nature of man? About the nature of our kids? Of our kids struggling w/RAD?

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...are we fallen beings...inherently sinful?


Like Frankenstein...are we inherently good & victims of our circumstances?

Not on your typical RAD reading list....but maybe it should be?

I've lived w/and spoken with those living with RAD challenges for 9 years now....and have searched high and low for non-humanistic approaches to aid in the Biblical addressing of and resolution to this very real problem which exists in our imperfect world.

I don't claim to have all the answers...but I am confident that I'm on to something...when I say our worldviews do matter when dealing with RAD.

And please do not e-mail me about the title of the book. Our kids are not "monsters" in that sense of the word. Monsters.... as in fallen stinkin' wretched sinners like you and me.


waldenbunch said...

I absolutely struggle with this. Having 2 bio kids raised with a Christian worldview and 3 Rad kids who haven't claimed it yet is rough. I firmly believe Satan attacks the hearts and souls of our weakest children when we do everything to be God's hands and feet to them. And then my sinful nature comes into play when I'm exhausted, tired of the journey and need of peace. It's the most difficult place I've ever been to and most days I still don't have the answers, only THE answer.

Simply Moms said...

waldenbunch: I know.

rachel said...

I have thought about this quite a bit lately. I do not have the answers but I think waldenbunch is on to something when she mentioned about our kids being weak. And the Bible says to support the weak and comfort the feeble minded. I certainly believe that we are all fallen sinners but when my daughter is cowering behind the couch because of overwhelming terror because of what happened to her in the past, I do not think it is something she has to repent of. She needs help, she needs to be healed. And the time might certainly come when she needs to repent of some of it, but I do not see it as being that way in the thick of it.
On Sunday, a mom was saying how her son is sooo lazy with his school work and she is making him eat only apples and beans till he gets a certain amount done. As she went on to describe his "faults" I could tell he had learning disabilities and it made me sad for her little boy who is looked at as being so naughty and willful. Another older mom did speak up and was able to help her see that he may need extra help and different teaching method.
All this just to say, lets be kind and not make our children carry a weight of guilt for damaged brains and emotions. Hope I don't sound like I have answers, because I don't and am very open to this discussion.

Simply Moms said...


Absolutely. 100% agreement.

Finding loving ways to help our kids get in to places where they are able to recognize and respond to love and healing...that's the goal.

Always attempting to be show kindness. To communicate love.

No guilt in Christ. No shame in Christ.