Thursday, July 2, 2009

Praises & Prayers

"I am really excited to use the talent that God has given me. Please pray. I am a bit nervous because I am worried that I will mess the dance up. I am a bit stiff with the moves, please pray that I will loosen up. I know I have danced in Worship services, Veteran homes, Retirement homes, and Recitals before. This is a little bit more advanced, and I am struggling with pride, because I don't want to make a fool out of my self. What my goal is to do is focus on God through my dance."

The above is a blog post from Girlie, now 13.

She came home at 4 1/2. After settling in a bit....we thought it would be fun to expose her to dance lessons. Intimate setting...w/her sister and friends. Me present at all times.....worship church. Casual. Relaxed. Ideal.

Not so much.

It was a disaster. Utter power struggle from Day One. Week after week...month after month... she attempted to gain control by ripping holes in her tights...while maintaining eye contact w/me from across the room (at this point in time...I was not getting eye contact anywhere else.) I think she thought her ripped tights would embarrass me...causing me to rethink dance lessons.


She was showing me that she needed dance lessons....for many, many reasons.

I just shrugged. No biggie. I've always had a thing for punk.


Tomorrow, she has a Worship Recital. If you think of it, please lift up praises & prayers on her behalf.


Katy said...

Keeping her in prayer!

Greg's Wife said...

What a lovely and encouraging post. Not a lot of time to comment these days, but my heart always skips a beat when I see there's something new here. Please keep 'em coming! I am honored to pray for girlie.