Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Food Lover

Cate's latest post rings so true.

Early on, we got the fact that it is important to find all sorts of intentional ways to communicate to our kids that as parents, we will bend over backwards to meet their needs and even go the extra mile to meet some of their desires. One of the ways we do this in our home is by having a fully stocked pantry. There is a pasta and sauce variety shelf. A canned veggie and beans shelf. A cereal shelf. A snack shelf...etc. When I get down to two or three cans of green beans....I make sure to throw a few more into the grocery cart. Lots of black beans in there now...and for some reason....we have more than enough saurkraut. Must've been that sale :)

I really do think that the day in and day out visual of seeing plenty of food items nearby communicates stability, protection (especially if there is malnutrition in your child's history,) and provision to our Girlies.... (all the kiddos in fact.)

Some kids come home with food issues. Some kids develop food issues. Manykids are just plain old hungrier than other kids...or not quite as hungry as some. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom in how to best deal with your children.

On the flip side...most likely, we have all been exposed to parents with food issues (not really the issue.)

If you are a parent who finds yourself controlling your children with food....repent. For it is just that....a control issue.

I am a lover of food so naturally...I find myself loving through food.

Find what you are a lover of....and use it to show love to those around you.


Mrs. Spice said...

Really interesting post. Stark contrast from our government training. Thank the Lord for His wisdom!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Wow, God knew I needed to hear this. Thanks!