Friday, August 22, 2014

Guest Blogger / Galilee on Friendship

This post was hard for Girlie to write...but she wanted to do it.  It has sent her into somewhat of a small spiral.  She's been not so secretly stressed since yesterday and is doing her best to let it go and release the control.

I'm really proud of her efforts.  Transparency & trust.  Not easy stuff. 


My definition of a friend has been one who laughs and has a good time all the time.

Now I know that my definition has been wrong.  A friend is teachable, patient, loyal, transparent, authentic, a good listener, and truthful.  

I am not a good friend.

 What my mind is realizing now is that I am a terrible friend.  I want to change that.  I don't like the friend that I've been.  I have damaged my relationships by being selfish through my loud behavior, being in peoples spaces, by being inauthentic, disloyal, impatient, unteachable, and by not being a good listener.   I've been the opposite of transparent. 

Realizing the problem is the beginning of the hard work. 

The people who have been good friends to me are my family and close relations (you know who you are.)

I'm so sorry to everyone I have not been a good friend to (you know who you are.)

These are the steps I will take to be a good friend.

I will be patient
I will be honest.
I will be authentic.
I will be transparent.
I will be open.
I will be loyal.
I will listen. 
I will be honoring.
I will be teachable