Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thick & Thin

Friends.  Find the ones who refuse to blow smoke up your butt and stick with them through thick and thin.

It will be a battle.  Sometimes we will want them to blow smoke up our butts...but that's because we aren't actually looking for friends ...we are looking for ....

....something else.

Something quite different than friendship.

I hate when that happens.

Thankfully...I have a few who know me well.  So well...that my tantrums...wound licking...shut downs...& melt downs...don't make a dent.  They are like rain drops rolling off the back of a duck.

Just this week a friend nailed me.  With a good question.  And good advice.  

When you are tempted to follow your emotions....bring it to the Lord.

Bring it to your spouse.  (You guys are ONE.)

And on occasion...or many many many times....bring it to a friend.  A good friend.

The sort that will talk you down off a cliff.  Or grab your hand and take the plunge alongside you.  Whatever is required for your good and to bring the Lord glory in any given situation.

Those who have struggles with attachment will have a hard time going deeper.  It is much easier to manage life if life is kept on a surface level.  

The Lord will bring to mind the questions that He would have you ask.  The ones that chip away at self protection and work towards unlocking hearts.  

Speak the truth in love and leave the rest up to Him.