Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guest Blogger / Galilee on Pride

I am one to struggle with pride.  Pride destroys me.  It ruins me.  I fake smile and laugh to hide my true feelings.  I fake happiness in pride.  I don't want others to know I am struggling because it makes me look weak and like I need help.'s the weak people who know they need a Savior... so why do I try to hide my weakness????

I struggle with pride because I want to feel high and mighty.  Pride gives the illusion of being okay.  I can either voice my pride and show it or be secretly prideful in my heart.  It hurts me both ways.

Pride is poisonous.  It is like carbon odorless killer. 

When I am prideful...I try to sneak and cover it up.  When I am prideful...I am self-focsed.  Pride is the worst vapor in my heart.  God knows it all. 

Today during the sermon, God convicted me of my prideful ways.  I feel as if I want to expose my pride so that I may have accountability from others.  This is the first time in my battle with pride where I wasn't stuck by shame.   I did not want to hide it from others.   I don't want to run from it anymore.  I want to face it.  I am choosing to be transparent because it helps me get healthy and helps me heal.  It makes me feel good to give up the control and let go.  What is bringing me hope is my ability to trust in the Lord more and more.

Pride comes before a fall.  I have experienced that many times.  It's a promise It will happen.