Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Guest Blogger / Galilee on Hiding

The core to hiding from relationships is pride.  And it shows up in control issues.  Wanting to cover up.  To protect oneself.  The problem with wanting to hide is that it hurts the hider the most. Hiding is a sin issue. 

The reason I hide is because I don't like being caught in my lies.  When I'm hiding, I don't care to root the problem out.  I am selfish. 

The way I hide is by dragging an issue on and on and on for an unnecessary time.   This week I tried to hide something for three days.  It didn't get me anywhere.  

My mom pushed and pushed and pushed x 1000 cuz she knew I was lying...and by the grace of God...He thankfully got to my heart and healed that stupid and unnecessarily ridiculous issue. 

I hide from the truth about myself because I don't like the truth about myself. 

Hiding from the truth doesn't work because you just get yourself dug in deeper.  Into a bigger problem. 

I suggest that if you're will feel better to open up.  Once you do...the problem can get rooted out. 

Then it will be healing to the hider

God knows when we hide. 

He knows the hiders.

It is so foolish to hide.  He sees it all.  He sees right through us.

Stop hiding. Let's end the hiding. 

This is my encouragement to you.