Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christ Centered Homes

I think the most difficult part of living with RAD is fighting the instinct to react against the manipulations that come with the territory. Relationships scarred by RAD often feel unnatural and forced. There seems to be no casual, relaxed trust. Everything seems like a test. A pushing of a boundary. It's a power play....a jockeying for position that is the heart of the problem.

As extended family/friends/acquaintances of individuals w/ RAD we need to evaluate the relationships...set boundaries and count the cost. Sometimes, we are not the ones who can or should be helping. It would be prideful to think otherwise. Also, we must realize that not every relationship is purposed for intimacy.

Parents of kids w/ RAD....there's no option. We must work through the hard times. Always. Never, ever giving up....forever. We must fight the urges to retreat and be quick to forgive. Quick to forget. Quick to embrace. We must fight for intimacy till the death. INTIMACY. INTIMACY. INTIMACY.

Always speak the truth in love though and remember.....we are called to CHRIST centered homes not CHILD centered homes. Individuals w/RAD have a way of stealing the spotlight and can often become idols in our lives.


Bren said...

Oh my goodness...that is all so true.

Simply Moms said...

Loved your ppost on wrath...with the wolves.