Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Family Whistle

We have a "family whistle." My father learned it from his father. It was passed down to me....and picked up by my hubby. We have used it with all of our kids. At sporting the park, at the video store....

When we are in the for groceries in different aisles and I need help.... or the cart..... or to know where each and everyone is....I whistle. I get a whistle/s back and we reconnect.

We have used the whistle for years and years....long before attachment issues popped up in our lives...but I think "The Whistle" helps my girlie who struggles with RAD feel as if she is part of something set apart and special....a family. Part of an identifiable group of connected people who have their own "inside language."


Brenda said...

I have always wished I could do a loud whistle. I just have a little tune whistling type whistle. We just had our family picture taken. Everyone wore white shirts and denim. I think we look so unified.

Unspeakable Joy said...

oh darn! i've been whistling to get their attention, so that i don't yell! we have a big yard, so it's helpful outside and i brought it in so i don't have to yell "stop yelling"!! i like yours better. :)