Friday, August 1, 2008

A P.S. to Thank You

Your comments reminded me of a favorite quote. I wanted to share it tonight with you as it actually comes to mind often in these moments:

"They mean sympathy, however awkwardly they express it." ~Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss


Anonymous said...

I am really struggling to love my daughter with the never tiring love of Christ. She is not much more then a toddler and was adopted at two months of age. And yet, she still has many of the symptoms of RAD. What I'm struggling with most right mow is her inappropriate sexual behavior and "potty talk." It really scares me! She has NEVER been exposed to anything bad, no TV at all. For some reason, it makes me so angry. It seems so totally senseless. I know I sound like a terrible mom. Most of the time she never has a clue, how angry I am, so its not that I'm taking it out on her. But she probably does sense it on some level.
We are waiting to get on a waiting list for an attachment and bonding center! They are over run.We might end up waiting up to six months, meanwhile I'm doing what I can. I do love her deeply but scared and worried.
Whew, thanks for the permission to comment anonymously!

Simply Moms said...

You do not sound like a terrible Mom. You sound like a loving and concerned searching for help.
I'd be worried too. You need to be in contact with others experiencing the same symptoms you are....inappropriate sexual behavior w/out a history of abuse.

Friends, if you are out there......what has the Lord shown you?