Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday Update:

All that DRAMA...and it boiled down to  "I just don't like being told what to do."  "I'm sorry for the last few days."   

Lots of eye contact....a "please forgive me (because you're my mom and you love me)" half smile....half about to cry look...and what I believe to be a true softening.

It seems one lie was needed to cover up the first disobedience (dipping the paintbrush into the paint when told not to and then not rinsing the paint out....therefore ruining the paintbrush)........and then the next lie was needed to cover up the second disobedience ("yes," I vacuumed"....when in fact that was a 99.9 % fabrication (the vacuum was no need to go further).  
So the bottom line.....if you obey....then there's no need to cover up.  "Yeah, I thought of that....but it was just so hard for me to get out of it,"  came the response with a heavy sigh.

One things for sure....we address sin around our home.  And there's plenty of it.  My hubby and I had a knock down drag out this week as well.  It was a looooong drawn out doosey.  If I was a might make a cute page :) know, to reflect back on in our old age.

Seven sinners living under one roof!  Without the Holy Spirit's presence....we would be soooooo deep in it and utterly w/out hope.  

Always....the Lord does His convicting work...repentance comes and then the healing work begins.  Thank you, Lord....for Your steadfastness.  When I faint...You are there to catch and carry me.

btw.....a different kid lied this morning about something totally ridiculous and had to be disciplined before walking out the door to church.  Nice :)

I'm going to climb into bed w/my daughters and cuddle for a while.  My girlie wants to be tickled.  Soft, gentle, tickle/scratches...on's one of our favorite things of all times.  

Really....she is a sinful, hormonal pre-teen who had a bad few days.  Bummer for them, but our kiddos have parents who do not let many things slide.  Not in a mean "tow the line" way... but in a "let's nip this rotten fruit in the bud" sort of way.     Others....might have and avoided the uncomfortable times we had the pleasure of visiting this week.  We on the other to the bottom of the heart issues....addressed them and have hopefully made a dent in rooting them out.        

The Lord is good.  

He is the healer of broken hearts.
So we are four days in to the HE Double Hockey Sticks nightmare ...and I'm only hoping we've rounded a corner. 

I thought we were through the thick of it last night...but was proved wrong againandagainandagain today. spasms were radiating up by mid back area...through my shoulder blades ...up my neck and into my girlie struggling w/RAD joined me in the bathroom while I soaked in my second scalding tub of the evening and declared that she had a stronger verb for what she was doing with her behavior than "pushing away."  The word she offered to me on a silver platter..........drum roll "repelling."  She learned it through some Science reading she did today.  She is repelling me.    

Is that just the icing on the cake?


Brenda said...

I just came to tell you I have something for you on my blog. Sounds like you've had a miserble (to say the least) few days. I find ice helps my back more than the heat. It does not feel great at the moment but it reduces swelling inside. I hope she has a break through soon. I'll pray for you.

Simply Moms said...

I need traction. I am not functioning. I'm a mess and she's compliant this morning.

Thanks for the blog love :)